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Simple SMS Marketing Guide

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 08:34

Simple SMS Marketing Guide

What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, and are usually 160 characters of text messages to mobile phones. SMS uses a single network, which shall inform the recipient the second message arrives. SMS is very fast and personal communications in a phone call from a better method of perceived confidence.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the practice of building lists of mobile numbers that the sending of SMS ads to these lists. Lists can be constructed in many ways, but there is compliance with rules set by the ACMA on how people's consent to be included your lists. Unsolicited commercial messages sent to one person is called spam and is illegal under Australian law on spam, 2003rd Mobile Marketers generally use an SMS system to manage the online process of sending SMS. These bulk sms systems vary in price and features. The best platforms for SMS marketing have a good combination of cheap sms SMS and Web features. Make sure to face an SMS gateway that provides good reputation can vary considerably.

For permission to send SMS

The idea of ​​consensus is that the recipient does not want to get your message and will be useful when you are doing. There are two types of consent.

1. Explicit consent

  • An option in the box on a web form to subscribe. This box must be checked by default, the person completing the form must willingly select the checkbox to indicate they want to hear from you.
  • If you meet someone offline in the form of research or competition, you can contact if you have told them that they would be contacted via e-mail and check the box indicating that he would like to be contacted.
  • Customers who bought in the past 2 years.
  • If someone gives you his business card and you explained that you will contact, you can contact them. If they dropped their business cards in a fishbowl at a trade show, there must be a sign indicating they will be contacted by SMS.

The beneficiary must be clearly aware that he or she may receive marketing messages in the future. You can not send an email to obtain consent: This is in itself an advertisement, as it seeks to establish a business relationship. Detects the consent may be required to prove later.

2. Inferred consent

  • Through a business relationship. If an organization has a strong relationship with the owner of number, as a club member or subscriber of the reception of messages can be implied.
  • Through the publication of a large number of job.

Consent may also be implied by the publication of the numbers of websites, magazines or other publications. The recipient must be able to identify the importance of the message. For example, if you want to send the products of Information Technology, the recipient must identify the IT manager. If there is an indication that he did not want unsolicited commercial messages can not be inferred consent.

Make lists?

Building a portfolio of mobile marketing must be done carefully and good intentions. As mobile numbers and text messages are a very personal way of communicating, people do not want to receive messages from you that your loss of time and are not relevant. By choosing the right people and sending them relevant and useful messages that remain on your list.

Technically, there are 3 ways to add numbers to your list.

  1. SMS's site opt-in box
  2. With an SMS to a number or code effort devoted to short
  3. Manually

Encourage people to join your list?

To get people to join the list of marketing is a variety of ways to encourage them. Some examples:

  1. Run a contest with a prize
  2. Conduct research and share the results of
  3. Predict future sales and discount information
  4. Promises and provide useful, relevant and useful


Since SMS messages are personal, you should follow these rules.

  1. Personalize your message, you add the name of people.
  2. Sign up prominently in the message.
  3. Mention how he came to receive the message.
  4. If you are promoting here, just left the place.

The idea is to get a name and zip code when you collect your data. By collecting this information that you give your recipient a much better experience and are less likely to unsubscribe from your list.

Allow users to opt-out "

By law, a commercial text messages must contain an opt-out method. This can be a phone call, but it is now the industry standard to allow people to respond to a STOP message. This method requires the delivery of a number of response that can receive and process SMS commands. Some software Burst SMS SMS free to include this in their accounts.

Commitment mechanisms

  1. Submitting an ad is one thing, but part of the recipient is another. There are various techniques to activate the receptor
  2. Add a URL to your mobile message, showing them more information and a form of interaction
  3. Include a keyword response that enables people to respond and to get other responses automatically. These can be put in place in order.
  4. Receiving orders and books directly to the answer. Strengthening through the automated message.

Different types of SMS delivery

There are two main types of online delivery of SMS. Direct connection to the SMS gateway is connected directly to the telephone company in your country, and international routing. International routes operated by SMS aggregators that you can use a gateway to provide a more cost effective SMS marketing direct. Some international flights can be very reliable and some vendors are cheap, but you may end up paying the same as a more reliable connection that you pay for undelivered messages.

The best bulk SMS service is a combination of good quality and price of international SMS routing and inexpensive. If you have a service that requires guaranteed delivery, as an emergency or alert, use a direct local connection, but still not 100% guaranteed to offer will give the highest percentage of success. In general, it will cost double though.These are just the basics, but on the basis of these basics, you can develop sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns quickly create lists of thousands of loyal customers. As long as you keep your mailing lists and respect of recipients no longer wish to receive text messages from you, then you will succeed.


Credit Card Offering Monthly Program

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 06:38

One of the promotional media that is a trend today is via an SMS blast with masking SMS. How to quickly deliver the promotion to members and prospective customers is absolutely needed by an institution or company in the efficient promotion budget, but the image awakened by displaying the name of the institution as a poster. One of the regular users of these services is the credit card issuing bank. With the cooperation to a few merchants or vendors, credit card issuers provide a promotional package that made ​​it interesting and could be useful for prospective customers or members. Some promo existing routine every month from various credit card issuers such as:

  • Cooperation with the restaurant merchant

Surely you ever get SMS promos that offer attractive discounts if you have dinner at a restaurant with payment by credit card. Promo like this gets the highest rating that gets a response from credit card customers who normally likes to culinary tour. But with many famous restaurants and the great number of credit cards in circulation, making the credit card vendor should select the restaurant which will be invited to co-operation with consideration of the credibility of these restaurants. Accuracy of information and promotion time period you need to consider carefully. Do not get stuck with the bid at one restaurant meal, but it turned out after the bill comes, no promos offered by credit card issuers that you have. Check the promotions before you receive by contacting customer service on the credit card issuing bank. Notification and a form of promotion is usually only by showing the SMS that you receive to a restaurant that offered by credit card.

  • Cooperation with leading Sport Centre

You are fond of exercise, would be interested if I receive SMS promos from credit cards that offer certain discounts at fitness centers in the city famous for you. Discounts are given are usually bigger than you are paying with a debit card, which was not given a discount. It's become one of the credit card issuer in attracting more customers.

  • Cooperation with department stores for certain minimal purchase

By offering discounts on certain nominal spending, credit card issuers and department stores work together to promote their monthly program and disseminate it via an SMS blast. This method is more practical than pass it on via the catalog that will take time and cost.

  • Cooperation with the hotel, restaurant or cottages for holiday season

As the holiday season or the end of the year arrives, usually your phone will be inundated with credit card SMS promotion that offers a specific discount on a hotel or cottage famous. Not only via an SMS blast, for credit card customers are loyal, usually well informed through the monthly bulletin or catalog distributed each month.

  • Cooperation with telecommunication vendors

You must have heard or seen advertisements offering the Blackberry package with a particular service provider, which usually you can get a discount at an attractive price if you make a purchase with certain credit cards. And even more interesting if credit card issuers offer 0% installment for the purchase of certain types of Smartphone.

Form of monthly promotions offered by many credit card via SMS blast would indeed allow encompass many potential customers in a short time, saving time and cost. But if you are a credit card customer, vigilance remains necessary. Do not until you get stuck with the promo-promo interesting but problematic when you are sent the invoice. Be a smart customer who carefully when shopping.


Share the Latest Gadgets to Your Community in a Short Time

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 04:11


Dissemination of information in a short time is very necessary as the swift communication devices currently available. You and your community need a means of communication must be brief so that information can be shared until the entire members of the community in a short time. Information about the latest gadgets has become filler days in the community. One of the media spreading information that is in the middle of the gadget-freak community is through the canal SMS or SMS gateway. Through this channel, information about the latest gadgets, such as the latest Smartphone or notebook, disseminated to the community by a single sender, via the SMS blast service using SMS masking.
The latest information about the gadgets that are central to the current trend in a short time to get to many phone numbers, both joined in a community, with special assistance from mobile operators, as well as to the wider community at random.
Users can choose the SMS blast packages according to their needs and mobile operators who will be used. Selection of this package should be tailored to the user's purpose of disseminating information to the recipient. Will dispose of the cost if the information you disclose limited information to a community but choose the package that offers thousands of SMS in a short time.
SMS blast Services in the latest gadgets to send information to many mobile users, usually done by a vendor specific product, such as mobile phone vendors, notebook vendors and the like. Steps to be more efficient if you are a user of mobile phone vendors are working in the form of bundling programs, so the cost of the SMS blast service can be summarized again.
Regular monthly catalog distributed by a vendor or mobile operator is usually only to its members only, and do not reach too many people. It is filled by the SMS blast service. Use of a monthly catalog of course takes a lot of cost and effort, such as the use of paper, design services, postal services and courier services to take, out of time, cost and effort. It is not going to happen when you select an SMS blast to do it. Simply sit quietly, let your hand at work in your phone, and within a short update on the latest gadgets will arrive within a very short time into the community. In fact you will get a little popularity when you use the SMS masking feature, which allows you to include your name or agency as its sender.

 If the content you distribute information that is considered very useful, so get ready for your inbox will be filled with SMS replies in response to the information that you distribute it.
Any policies in use and all risk is going to be your responsibility as a user service, because it is strongly recommended to take into account aspects of pre and post its content will you disseminate the information. Do not let the annoying cell phone user a personal space for the content of SMS is not useful.

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