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5 Tips on Choosing an SMS Marketing Keyword for Your Next Campaign


Choosing keywords to use SMS marketing is an important step of promotion that can affect the success of your business. A keyword is required for sending messages to your customers. Example: "type the KEYWORD for VIP and Special Offers, send to 1234." A short keywords, for example brand your business can result in an opt-in promotions and higher ROI.

Tips for choosing keywords for an SMS promotion.

1. Create short as possible: long keyword prone to errors, when customers read the contents of SMS on their mobile phone. Make from 3 to 10 characters and all one word. If customers know your business as a nick or a shorter version or your business name, use this to your keywords.

2. Only use letters: Numbers in the key word would be confusing, especially if your customers are delivered orally, invite friends to join. This applies to special characters that are difficult to type using a mobile phone and will result in errors.

3. Brand: Keeping your keyword in line with your business will help maintain a consistent image across all marketing platforms. Do not use keywords that your customers have never heard of or do not use in your business name or item or service you sell.

4. Marketing Segment: You can use different keywords to test mencapaian from different marketing efforts. Use one keyword for social media and different keywords for print ads. You then will easily be able to see from the dashboard of your existing account a higher keyword opt-in and focus your future efforts there.

5. Never Repeats: If you use keywords for the contest, do not use the keyword for promotion a second time. Although the contest may have expired, customers may wish to also opt-in to your new text on the promo offer and they will not be able to because they have subscribed. Promotion also has ways to live on the internet and other places long after the end and this will lead to confusion.

If you choose keywords with haste and behind does not work for your marketing plan, could change. Do not leave your key word used in a major promotion. Having the right keywords does not make a difference in the opt-in level of interaction, customer and ROI. Remember to think of keywords that your customers already associate with your business and keywords that are easy to remember.