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SMS Marketing And The Benefits

Wednesday, 02 March 2011 07:11

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone uses a cell phone and carry it all the time. Therefore, the SMS marketing has become an effective tool to increase sales and customers.

SMS technology advancement can be recognized as the best campaigns for clients, employees, revenue and equipment. The recent history of SMS marketing and social media is short, but intense and seems to be more in the future. Promotional text message you receive a check of 95% above the rate in the same time, the SMS is received.

Customer data and helps the end user provides the ability to mount campaigns that followed, even more accurately. SMS promotion can be the glue that improves most customers in each market at the end of the communication. Everyman is apparently comfortable with hand phones, SMS and more every day

Bring contact information with clients and also benefit by providing an instant customer demand for information. This also works as a capacity to use exploratory questions. SMS to a part of the marketing is effective because it's cool, fast and strong. SMS marketing should undergo a massive growth in the next two years in the future in 2011 and beyond.

In addition to its rapid growth if we can get many benefits. We SMS Blast 360 can show you the advantages of SMS marketing. Our company can help you as much for more views of customers in a single click of a button on your computer.

SMS marketing is cost effective, easy and fast way to connect with people.


SMS Blast is not Spam SMS

Tuesday, 22 February 2011 07:08

spam sms

Currently, many companies already used SMS Blast to effective and efficient promote with a relatively low cost.

SMS Blast is the kind of one way SMS service, which sent most of the destination number at the same time with just one delivery. But SMS blast is in fact not including SMS spam, because the destination number that will be sent SMS is the number of customers who have been there in the companies database. While the definition of SMS Spam is bulk SMS messages sent to a selected number with any purpose, regardless of the target (receiving SMS). And usually, the number obtained by the spreader SMS Spam obtained by illegal means, like theft or even a database of phone numbers there are also those who buy and sell database of telephone numbers.

What makes this unique SMS Blast, is able to send SMS in bulk to all GSM operators, with speeds of 30 to 40 SMS per second, depending on the speed of the operator. In addition, recipients are not charged, the SMS sent are personalized (Can call names of customers), and no sender id (name of company) to you so that customers feel more appreciated and customer brand awareness is created. It has been clearly distinguish between services by SMS Spam SMS blast. Where in the blast an SMS service, the sender id can be changed in accordance with company name, unlike SMS Spam sender id which was without a name, but just ordinary mobile telephone numbers.

SMS blast was aimed at marketing directly to mobile subscribers, but given the nature of one direction, then this type of SMS blast is very suitable for use as a form of monitoring that is as a reminder of payment due dates, info and keeping in touch with your customers by sending SMS which is personalized, or marketing of products such as launch events, campaigns, promo, and so forth. SMS Blast therefore suitable for companies who want to maintain relationships with customers so as to create consumer loyalty and brand awareness of consumers, and consumers can also monitor the payment or a specific schedule reminders, marketing the new product was launched, and companies that want to create brand awareness, loyalty consumers.

So it seemed obvious benefits of SMS blast. And the blast is not SMS SMS spam. Never be afraid and hesitant to use SMS blast to support the promotion and marketing your business.


SMS Text Messaging for Restaurants - Use Opt In Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Thursday, 17 February 2011 07:20


SMS is the perfect marketing tool for restaurants. Restaurants rely on loyal customers, repeat customers who come to profit and business continued. In some cases, 80% of your sales come from your regular visitors. When marketing and advertising you have two choices. You can increase sales by advertising to attract new customers or you can market to existing customers. Restaurants often make the mistake of marketing to two different groups in the same way. It is unfortunate because by making some changes in how you can save big money market and increase sales and profits with the same action.

Marketing to your customer base is getting cheaper and more effective, then try to get new customers. Regulars already know your business. They've eaten there in a certain time period and happy to spend their money. You do not need to offer a special discount. When speaking to the crowd, you need to increase the amount of time they spend on each visit and the frequency with which they visit you. If you build a list of these people, you will have to deliver targeted customer offerings that are relevant and timely as well. Give them an average of transactions continue to check their height and increase their frequency and you can make a big difference in your profits.

This is done through an opt-in marketing that is what SMS text messages. Opt-in marketing allow your best customers to join your mobile marketing list by texting the name of your restaurant to the 4-digit number, called short-code. When a person opts to receive information from you that they tell you they want to get a quote. They tell you that they want to spend money with you. You just need to give them a reason and great offer and they will reward you with their business.

Now when you have a business lunch late because of rain, you can send SMS text messages to the entire list of eager subscribers. You know they'll read it because it has begun to be sent directly to their phone via text message. Thinking for every time you hear a beep on your phone. Are you immediately check to see who just sent you a text message? Well guess what .... Your customers will also be. This causes high levels of reading a text message that exceeds 95%. Compare that to the email which is lower than 10%. Did you read and open any email sent to you or you go through and delete at least half?

By creating an opt-in list of your best customers your restaurant can increase your sales by sending SMS text messages. This will increase the frequency at which you usually visit and your customers will save money for your old ad chasing new customers.


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