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Bulk SMS
In this world of communications and fast moving business through the network and the Internet makes it very necessary to save the time for marketing and promoting your products and company. So there's an easy solution for all entrepreneurs to promote their new products to market using Bulk SMS Technology.

Bulk SMS vs SMS:
At this time of rapid and accurate communication that people want to deliver a message in a discreet manner. Send instant messages are in vogue and some SMS messaging is now gaining popularity. Bulk SMS is the only medium that enables instantaneous notification of SMS text to a targeted group of people who may be up to thousands or lakhs. It's nothing but a message but when it has to send group in large numbers as we call it Bulk SMS.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Technology:
The main advantage of Bulk SMS technology is that it only takes a few minutes to send thousands of short messages (SMS) to users. Different Bulk SMS software is also available online that can be used directly from your personal computer.
There are many sites that provide bulk sms bulk sms gateway solutions for all users on the network.
Business SMS provider to facilitate PC software and software it is possible to send bulk sms across. Sending SMS using the software is actually easy, and the installation guide to help understand the entire process. Users with Outlook or Lotus Notes installed on personal computers, you can customize and use PC text messaging software with ease. Online SMS service has really helped the company to get an effective competitive advantage in global business situations.

Bulk SMS features:
Bulk SMS Technology offers the following product features:

  • An effective method of direct communication with all mobile networks.
  • Send Bulk SMS messages from your personal computer at home.
  • Easy to use online SMS desktop application
  • The system allows for easy import of lists of numbers
  • Automatic insertion of individual names and surnames in every text
  • Advanced control,
  • SMS scheduling - prepare SMS's but send at a later date
  • Send SMS's to selected numbers in groups
  • Request SMS response - see SMS replies in your inbox
  • Full sent report under SMS history
  • History log and search
  • Integration with exiting systems using HTTP or web service interfaces

History SMS:
The ideas on SMS for mobile users, is found in the early 1980s. The first action plan was provided by GSM CEPT Group, which was approved in December 1982 called "The services and facilities offered to the public telephone and public data network must be available to mobile system. Target covers the exchange of text messages either directly between the mobile station, or sent via the Message Handling Systems widespread since the early 1980s.

The immediate predecessor to MMS MMS is the Japanese Sha-Mail in place of J-Phone in 2001. It validated the concept of using camera phones ready to send picture messages from one phone to another. Now a mobile phone is the ultimate must have something on his horizon, he will not settle for anything else. And thus began the rise in text messaging generation, this unique style adopted by typing in full satisfaction and continued to do SMS provider rich.

A technology for the next generation:

SMS is a triumph as far as every generation needs a technology, it may take independent, and the next generation took SMS with enthusiasm. Paradoxically, it is because text is so difficult to use, that young people who said they use the service anyway. SMS is one of the few services in consumer history that has grown without an equivalent reverse the decline in prices. Normally, even in case of voice mobile phones, price reductions in the cost of telephones and telephone service led to the increase in usage. While the lower rates helped to bring young people into the mobile market, the price of SMS became stable.