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SMS Blast is not Spam SMS

spam sms

Currently, many companies already used SMS Blast to effective and efficient promote with a relatively low cost.

SMS Blast is the kind of one way SMS service, which sent most of the destination number at the same time with just one delivery. But SMS blast is in fact not including SMS spam, because the destination number that will be sent SMS is the number of customers who have been there in the companies database. While the definition of SMS Spam is bulk SMS messages sent to a selected number with any purpose, regardless of the target (receiving SMS). And usually, the number obtained by the spreader SMS Spam obtained by illegal means, like theft or even a database of phone numbers there are also those who buy and sell database of telephone numbers.

What makes this unique SMS Blast, is able to send SMS in bulk to all GSM operators, with speeds of 30 to 40 SMS per second, depending on the speed of the operator. In addition, recipients are not charged, the SMS sent are personalized (Can call names of customers), and no sender id (name of company) to you so that customers feel more appreciated and customer brand awareness is created. It has been clearly distinguish between services by SMS Spam SMS blast. Where in the blast an SMS service, the sender id can be changed in accordance with company name, unlike SMS Spam sender id which was without a name, but just ordinary mobile telephone numbers.

SMS blast was aimed at marketing directly to mobile subscribers, but given the nature of one direction, then this type of SMS blast is very suitable for use as a form of monitoring that is as a reminder of payment due dates, info and keeping in touch with your customers by sending SMS which is personalized, or marketing of products such as launch events, campaigns, promo, and so forth. SMS Blast therefore suitable for companies who want to maintain relationships with customers so as to create consumer loyalty and brand awareness of consumers, and consumers can also monitor the payment or a specific schedule reminders, marketing the new product was launched, and companies that want to create brand awareness, loyalty consumers.

So it seemed obvious benefits of SMS blast. And the blast is not SMS SMS spam. Never be afraid and hesitant to use SMS blast to support the promotion and marketing your business.