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SMS Text Messaging for Restaurants - Use Opt In Marketing to Increase Your Sales


SMS is the perfect marketing tool for restaurants. Restaurants rely on loyal customers, repeat customers who come to profit and business continued. In some cases, 80% of your sales come from your regular visitors. When marketing and advertising you have two choices. You can increase sales by advertising to attract new customers or you can market to existing customers. Restaurants often make the mistake of marketing to two different groups in the same way. It is unfortunate because by making some changes in how you can save big money market and increase sales and profits with the same action.

Marketing to your customer base is getting cheaper and more effective, then try to get new customers. Regulars already know your business. They've eaten there in a certain time period and happy to spend their money. You do not need to offer a special discount. When speaking to the crowd, you need to increase the amount of time they spend on each visit and the frequency with which they visit you. If you build a list of these people, you will have to deliver targeted customer offerings that are relevant and timely as well. Give them an average of transactions continue to check their height and increase their frequency and you can make a big difference in your profits.

This is done through an opt-in marketing that is what SMS text messages. Opt-in marketing allow your best customers to join your mobile marketing list by texting the name of your restaurant to the 4-digit number, called short-code. When a person opts to receive information from you that they tell you they want to get a quote. They tell you that they want to spend money with you. You just need to give them a reason and great offer and they will reward you with their business.

Now when you have a business lunch late because of rain, you can send SMS text messages to the entire list of eager subscribers. You know they'll read it because it has begun to be sent directly to their phone via text message. Thinking for every time you hear a beep on your phone. Are you immediately check to see who just sent you a text message? Well guess what .... Your customers will also be. This causes high levels of reading a text message that exceeds 95%. Compare that to the email which is lower than 10%. Did you read and open any email sent to you or you go through and delete at least half?

By creating an opt-in list of your best customers your restaurant can increase your sales by sending SMS text messages. This will increase the frequency at which you usually visit and your customers will save money for your old ad chasing new customers.