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Frequently Asked Question

What is the benefit to use this SMSblast?
SMSblast is s SaaS Software as a Service. It's a web application so you don't have to install any thing to your computer.
You can easily create your message, add phonebook (up to 10 million contact), make schedule, manage the campaign (pause or run)  because our user interface is clean and friendly. You can broadcast your thousand or million messages within hours. And last, you can preview your sms transaction with advance reporting tools.
Can I grouping my contact?
Yes you can make groups at your phonebook management. You can add singe entry or even uploaded your phonebook list using excel speadsheet.
How long my SMS will be delivered?
SMSblast system will queue your messages and send it right away. SMSblast can handle 1000 SMS per minuet to make sure our customer satisfaction. We are directly connected to major operator.
Can I send SMSblast using email or FTP?
Yes you can, SMSblast provide multi channel SMS sending. You can use web application, wap, iphone, blackberry, J2ME, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and email. You can read the usage and configuration at this page Knowledge Base
Where can I see the Terms and Conditions?
You can read SMSblast terms and conditions at this link. Term Of Use

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